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CEU Consulting GmbH (CEU) is a dynamic public sector consulting company based in Vienna, Austria. It focuses exclusively on providing Technical Assistance in Official Development Assistance contracts.

Services consist in policy options analysis, legal reviews, project and programme identification and formulation, transference of knowledge, skills, and training to public administrations and private organizations to address and overcome challenges faced by public sector bodies in formulating and implementing official public policy.

The project management process of the organisation is ISO 9001 conform. Emphasis is placed on sustainability of outputs to ensure long-term impact of the project outputs after project completion. Sensitivity to the specific nature of public sector practice, which may entail periodic and disruptive organisational restructuring as well as potential loss of trained staff due to private sector opportunities, has caused CEU to pay particularly close attention in developing outputs which embed knowledge in written procedures and printed or data knowledge resources. Through these means, the attrition of knowledge capital so prevalent within cash-strapped administrations can be countered.

Most recent and ongoing projects: