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Fields of interests:

  • └► Trade policy development and reform,

    └► Support to trade negotiations,

    └► Regional economic integration – support to establishment of customs unions,

    └► Trade facilitation / customs ,

    └► Conformity assessment (accreditation, certification and testing laboratories) covering Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues / Technical barriers to trade,

    └► Metrology,

    └► Standards and norms covering Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues / Technical barriers to trade,

    └► Support to producers in Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues,

    └► Support to producers in addressing issues related to Technical barriers to trade,

    └► Intellectual property (industrial property, copyright / related rights),

    └► Trade in Services,

    └► Competition policy,

    └► Trade and environment,

    └► Trade defence instruments / dispute settlement / transparency and government procurement,

    └► Trade promotion,

    └► Market analysis / strategy development.

  • └► Private sector development policy and reform,

    └► Privatisation and industrial policy, including Public-Private Partnership,

    └► Sector policies (textile, mining, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, tourism etc.),

    └► SMEs policy development,

    └► Regulatory reform for improving the business environment,

    └► Investment promotion (domestic and foreign),

    └► Small and Medium enterprises (SME) support (inclusive advisory services for management, production, technology, research & development, marketing, partnership, decent work, export promotion, financing, human resources management incl. gender issue, training, environmental impact, production quality, etc.),

    └► Commercial banking, inclusive financial services to Small, medium and micro-enterprises (credit lines, equity, guarantees, micro-credit),

    └► Financial sector regulation (incl. supervision of banking, insurance, pension funds, securities etc.),

    └► Corporate governance issues (including corporate social responsibility),

    └► Supporting professional/commercial/advisory bodies (professional associations, decentralised advisory agencies, local consultancy strengthening, Chambers of commerce, European Information Correspondence Centres (EICC), Business Centres.

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